We’re Committed to Sourcing and Reusing Quality Material

Every step of our production process is carefully considered to reduce waste.

11/9/20231 min read

In today’s fast-paced consumer culture, fabrics often live short, disposable lives. They’re designed for quick turnover, and what’s left gets discarded, even though it’s perfectly good material. This overwhelming amount of waste is something we’re tackling head-on. The fabrics that make up our hand-crafted stands have a story. They have past lives, and deserve a second shot we give them through our customers.

Our Selection Criteria

When we say we use "quality material," we’re talking about fabrics that check multiple boxes: durability, strength, aesthetic appeal, and the ability to age gracefully. These are materials that have already stood the test of time or have been manufactured with such skill that their value goes far beyond superficial trends. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we only repurpose the best of the best.

Sustainability as an Imperative

Sustainability isn't a marketing buzzword for us; it's the name of the game. By giving pre-existing fabrics a new life, we are not just reducing waste but also conserving the energy and resources that would go into manufacturing new materials. This closes the loop in a product’s lifecycle, turning what would have been waste into something functional and beautiful.

The Impact

The practice of reusing quality material has tangible benefits. It means fewer items in landfills and a reduction in the carbon footprint that comes with manufacturing new materials. While we may not single-handedly change the industry, each stand we create contributes to a larger, collective impact.


At the heart of our brand lies a commitment to quality, ethics, and sustainability. We source and reuse quality materials for our CRIBs because we believe that good things should last and that their stories should be continued.

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