The CRIBS SDG Policy

Mission Statement

Our mission at TheCribs Design Company is to create innovative and environmentally conscious lifestyle product solutions. Our focus is on achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

Through our commitment to research and development, we strive to always source materials that are eco-friendly and socially responsible. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our products by minimising waste, water usage, and chemical usage while ensuring the materials we use meet or exceed industry standards for quality and sustainability.

We believe that sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive, and we aim to empower businesses and consumers to make responsible choices without sacrificing performance or style. By collaborating with stakeholders aligned to our core values, we aim to promote sustainable practices and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

No Poverty | SDG #1

The CRIB® is produced by a social enterprise business with the focus of giving disadvantaged people the opportunity to reskill or up skill in order to have a working life that gives them a chance at a better life.

When I started the business, I trained one independent female sower who was working as a house cleaner but was trained as a seamstress to make Cribs with me. As a result this gave her an additional income stream.

Alignment with UN Targets

1.1: Eradicate extreme poverty

1.5: Build resilience to environmental, economic, and social disasters

Our commitment to ending poverty

Good Health & Wellbeing | SDG #3

The health and wellbeing of our staff and community are of the highest importance and we encourage the health culture through such communal activities as yoga classes and sea swimming.

In the same way that we support employee physical health we would like to put the same emphasis on mind health. We would like to have an opportunity for our employees to participate in a Mind Clinic. An app that is creating clearer minds for a workforce that’s valued, resilient and engaged. Our staff has flexible working hours, contributing to their work-life balance.

We are looking to extend the comfort that our product provides to Corporate Wellbeing via Ergonomics. The bright colours of our cribs contribute to a positive atmosphere, while allowing employees to work anywhere without straining their posture. Wellbeing via Ergonomics is the campaign that we are currently developing.

Alignment with UN Targets

3.4: Reduce mortality from non-communicable diseases and promote mental health

Our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our staff and community members.

Quality Education | SDG #4

TheCribs Design Co. works through the Social Enterprise Business model, which employs 6-8 part-time women from disadvantaged backgrounds. They receive training and upskill in sowing and machinery which allows them to progress and avail of more financial opportunities.

Through our production, we also teach how to use reclaimed fabrics and creatively optimise resources while raising environmental stewardship awareness.

Alignment with UN Targets

4.3: Equal access to affordable technical, vocational, and higher education

4.4: Increase the number of people with relevant skills for financial success

4.7: Education for sustainable development and global citizenship

Our commitment to Quality Education, Capacity Development and Training

Gender Equality | SDG #5

I am a female founder and entrepreneur. My investment from Enterprise Ireland has been granted to my business on the basis of being a female led business. I grew up in a male led work environment of marketing and advertising but I never let it affect my journey. It is my ambition to be a role model for my daughter and show that gender does not define your abilities or opportunities.

I am actively participating in a sea swimming group that mainly consists of women supporting each other. I am also a part of the business group that supports female bootstrapped product based startup businesses. Women's support and empowerment are my key values.

Alignment with UN Targets

5.1: End discrimination against women and girls

5.5: Ensure full participation in leadership and decision-making

5.a: Equal rights to economic resources, property ownership and financial services5.b: Promote empowerment of women through technology

Our commitment to gender equality

Decent Work and Economic Growth | SDG #8

TheCribs Design Co. has a safe working environment and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Policy that ensures that all voices are heard and respected.

We are looking to expand and partner up with independent sowers and machinists for making bespoke and limited edition collections for the CRIBS®.

● Work Policy

Alignment with UN Targets

8.1: Sustainable economic growth

8.2: Diversify, innovate and upgrade for economic productivity

Our focus on decent work and economic growth.

Reduced Inequalities | SDG #10

Working via social enterprise business means that opportunities are given to disadvantaged or marginalised women to support them in their capacity and career development, while creating financial opportunities.

Creating a safe environment to give people a better chance for their success reduces economic and social inequalities in the local landscape.

Alignment with UN Targets

10.1: Reduce income inequalities

10.2: Promote universal social, economic and political inclusion

10.3: Ensure equal opportunities and end discrimination

Our contribution to equal society

Sustainable Communities | SDG #11

We support our local community throughout our local geographical area - sustaining the local community and its resources while minimising environmental impact. As a member of the local residence awareness group we are protecting our park’s natural landscape and biodiversity from thoughtless maintenance acts through effective communication.

We have a whatsapp group where we practise “ask first approach” where the members would share unwanted furniture, clothes and household items before discarding, allowing for circularity of resources within the community.

● Sustainable Community Challenge

Alignment with UN Targets

11.3: Inclusive and sustainable urbanisation

11.4: Protect the world's cultural and natural heritage

11.6: Reduce the environmental impacts of cities

11.7: Provide access to safe and inclusive green and public spaces

Our vision for a sustainable community

Responsible Consumption & Production | SDG #12

In the making of the CRIBS® we prioritise sustainably sourced fabrics such as organic cotton, tweed and linen. A big part of our material is reclaimed fabrics that would otherwise go to landfill and recycled bead filling. We are constantly striving to improve and working towards better sustainability with every component of the product.

We are looking for a biodegradable bead filling that is not coming from the UK and we have just invested in a fabric made of recycled cotton fibres and plastic bottles from the ocean.

Ethical sourcing approach, coupled with a conscious and responsible production process allows us to minimise waste and promote sustainable lifestyles.

● Sustainable Community Challenge

● Textile Waste and Returns

● Textile Deposit Scheme

● Themed Campaigns based on upcycling and recovery

Alignment with UN Targets

12.2: Sustainable management and use of natural resources

12.5: Substantially reduce waste generation

12.8: Promote universal understanding of sustainable lifestyles

Our model for sustainable consumption and production.

Climate Action | SDG #13

TheCribs Design Co. uses An Post, the greenest transportation service in Ireland to deliver our products with the minimal impact. We are actively learning, searching and upgrading to minimise our Carbon footprint.

Through a peer development approach, connecting with community leaders, youth and key organisations to ensure a robust model for climate action and community empowerment, we will achieve carbon neutrality.

Alignment with UN Targets

13.2: Integrate climate change measures into policy and planning

13.3: Build knowledge and capacity to meet climate change

Our commitments for reducing climate impact.

Life below Water | SDG #14

TheCribs Design Co. has just invested in a fabric made of recycled cotton fibres and plastic bottles from the ocean. These sustainable cotton CRIBS are now helping to clean up our oceans and beaches.

As a sea swimmer, monitoring the coastline comes naturally. To this end, our swimming group often flags marine life’s issues to the council and we have learned certain procedures to help the marine animals that are in danger.

Beach Clean Ups is something that we do regularly and would like to offer to more community members to join.

Alignment with UN Targets

14.1: Reduce marine pollution

14.2: Protect and restore ecosystems

14.5: Conserve coastal and marine areas

Our commitment to taking care of life below water.

Partnerships for the Goals | SDG #17

TheCribs Design Co. is looking to be a part of a sustainable global network. We are exploring collaborations in the workplace wellbeing with the Mind Clinic and Corporate Wellbeing via Ergonomics Campaigns.

We nurture our local partnerships for conscious resource management and biodiversity protection as well as women's business support locally and overseas.

We are looking to expand our network of sustainable collaborations for the common sustainability goals and better future for all.

Alignment with UN Targets

17.1: Mobilise resources to improve domestic revenue collection

17.6: Knowledge sharing and cooperation for access to science, technology and innovation 17.14: Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development

17.17: Encourage effective partnerships

Our efforts for partnership for the goals.