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No more propping your device up against a milk jug, sugar bowl or stack of books when browsing, streaming or simply video-chatting. The CRIB solves this problem once and for all, giving you the perfect viewing angle, with screen-tapping stability across multiple surfaces.

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What makes a CRIB a CRIB?

Our hand-crafted, pyramid-shaped stands, are made from premium sustainable natural fibre materials and reclaimed fabrics. Ethically made in Ireland and beautifully designed, each one is made with you in mind.

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When you buy from our SEA CHANGE and NEW LEASE OF LIFE ranges, you join us on a mission to help the planet. Each one is made from plastic bottles recycled into soft canvas cotton, or rescued designer materials of the highest quality.

More about us

Our founder Ciara Winkelmann set out to create a better stand for her devices, one that was ethically made and used only the highest quality materials. Every step of our production is considered, so we can help the environment while improving our customers lives.

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Sustainability is at the heart of our work.

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