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Top Scents for November

When one settles down at the breakfast table with a steaming mug of tea and a kindle placed comfortably on ones Crib, an autumnally scented candle nearby is a must. Therefore, here are my top scents that will warm up even the dullest of Novembers.

Spiced Orange

A spiced orange aroma is a classic autumn winter smell that immediately puts you in a warm and cosy mood. With the sweet citrusy notes of the orange and the spicy, fiery notes of clove or nutmeg it’s the perfect combination for a lazy day when the leaves are turning golden.

Gingerbread Latte

One of the best parts of the colder months is coffee shops bringing out their festive, seasonal beverages. An iconic example that has hit almost every coffee stop at this point is the Gingerbread Latte. The gingerbread is a hint to the upcoming Christmas season and the rich coffee scent pairs nicely to evoke that signature autumn vibe.

Hot Chocolate Brownie

How much chocolate is too much? The correct answer is you can never have enough chocolate and tying in nicely with the beverage theme is everyone’s favourite, the classic hot chocolate. But why stop there when you could add in the rich and velvety smell of freshly baked brownies. It is no secret that autumn winter is the perfect time for baking so it would seem very appropriate to have a hot chocolate brownie scented candle burning away in your kitchen!

Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon is undoubtably one of the most classic autumn scents. If you’re a fan of spicy, aromatic scents then why not stick with classic cinnamon stick candle or wax melt and create the perfect cosy atmosphere for when the sun sets just a bit too early.  

Pecan Pie

The traditional thanksgiving desert doubles as a fabulous autumn winter scent that fills the whole room with a sweet yet nutty aroma. It’s perfect for those who favour a lighter, sugary scent without being too overbearing. As one of my personal favourites, I cannot recommend it enough.

Cedarwood and Fir

A slightly more earthy combination of smells, however still very much in line with the wintery theme is cedarwood and fir. This rich, woodsy pairing feels as though you are bringing the crisp forest air straight into your living room.

Warm Apple Crumble

Apple themed treats are a staple in the autumn months, and what is better than the constant smell of fresh apples with a sweet, doughy note of crumble added in on top. Have your room smell like a bakery 24/7 with this lush scent that would make anyone’s mouth water!

Pumpkin Spice

Although Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean pumpkin season is too. A pumpkin spice scent is a magnificent mixture of smooth and sweet with that added kick of spice. The perfect scent to keep the autumnal vibes alive right the way through November.

Vanilla Chai

Another one of my personal favourites is the smell of vanilla chai. It’s a scent that is great for a lover of sweet and warm aromas. It has a hint of eastern spice that makes it the perfect autumn winter scent for a cosy evening tucked up in front of the fire.

Blackberry and Sage

Out of all of the scents I have listed, blackberry and sage may be the most unusual combination. Having said that, it is a wonderful winter smell as it has fruity, sweet notes that nod to Christmas and a grounded, earthy note that ties in nicely with the autumnal theme. A wonderful scent to get you in the festive spirit without being overbearingly Christmassy.

As there is such a wide variety of colours and patterns in our selection of Cribs, why not try and find one that matches your chosen scent or candle, and create the perfect ambiance suited just to your taste!