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Top 3 Quarantine Mobile Apps!

I’m sure you have all heard of (and use) the likes of mobile apps such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facetime and more. However, this list will consist of slightly lesser-known apps that you may not use but are definitely worth it to elevate your quarantine experience! These apps all combine perfectly with TheCrib to create optimal user participants. A post by Lukas Krakowitzer.

Mobile Trading 212 

I believe that one of the best possible apps for this period of time is Trading 212, as not only can this be great fun, it can also be used educationally or even financially! Trading 212 is a smart, free app that is very easy to use. Its purpose is to make trading and investing available for all. The key feature of this app is that it enables you to participate in trading without using any of your own money. Instead, It creates a certain amount of ‘fake’ money you can use to invest/trade in whatever you’d like. This simulates real-life trading as the stocks all fluctuate in the same way as real life. This enables you to invest for fun, or if you want to, to be able to invest for real money provided you use your own money. 

Amazon Kindle

This app perfectly fuses with the essence of TheCribs to provide you with an unparalleled reading experience. The Amazon Kindle app is used as an online e-reading platform. We’ve all had plenty of time to kill during this quarantine period, and what better way to do that then by reading a good book. From dignified classics to peculiar sci-fi novels, Amazon Kindle has them all. This app is a splendid fit for cosily lying in bed with TheCrib on your lap and a cup of tea in your hand. 


You’ve heard of Facetime or even zoom, but what about Houseparty? House party is a social networking app that mashes all your friends together on one screen (a group video chat). Together, you can play games such as karaoke and have ‘Frames’ of popular artists and shows such as The Bachelor. Houseparty is perfect for showing your friends just how relaxed you are as you kick back your feet and rest your arms behind your head while letting TheCrib do all the heavy work for you!