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The Top 5 content shows to binge-watch on Netflix right now

TheCrib is the perfect companion for streaming content to your device. The stylish, convenient design makes it easy to enjoy some great shows with family and friends to make this quarantine period that little bit easier. Whether it is using the big crib to watch on an iPad or the mini range for lying in bed on the phone. Netflix continues to offer a mix of original series and timeless classics to suit your content needs. This isn’t going to be a list of the usual suspects or what’s trendy at the moment. I want to give you a tv show that your friends will ask how you even found it.

1.    The Society

I have never been so disappointed to find out that a show had not been renewed for a second season until this show. Despite this, I really enjoyed season 1. Which even left open so many doors for a second season! I don’t mean like some loose storylines to tie up but rather an unexpected and excellent plot twist as the final scene of the series. The fact it hasn’t been renewed might have been enough reason to not recommend it. The story is one of politics, deception, ethics, and mental health with all the associated cheese you’d expect from a low budget American show. The show is based on the idea of a small upper-class town in the American suburbs where everything is perfect.

Suddenly everyone not in high school disappears when the teenagers go on a suspicious school tour… This leaves the late teens to run the town and there is an understandable split in opinion. For example, some want a shared economy while some believe that it’s time to party and do whatever they want.

2.    The Defiant Ones

The story of hip hop in the ’90s is one of twisting storylines and incredible character development. The Defiant Ones gets some of the biggest names including Dr Dre, Jimmy Iovine, Bono, Eminem, among countless other megastars. The series focuses on Iovine and Dre’s relationship a lot and how they became the titans of the industry with some of the biggest names to ever grace the stage. This may come as a surprise as I am recommending this, but I am not a big music fan. Despite this, I was fascinated by this biographical documentary series and found myself googling the stories they talked about on the show. I couldn’t recommend streaming this series enough.

3.    Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Netflix has so much incredible sports content with behind the scenes documentaries like Last Chance U, or series like Home Game that look at some weirder sports around the world – including water buffalo racing in Bali! My favourite of all this is Drive to Survive which recaps the previous Formula 1 season. As a big F1 fan myself, I already know who wins each race or most of the big storylines from the last calendar year. However, this documentary gets deeper with interviews of the owners of teams, drivers, and managers. Ignoring the appeal of the series to fans like me, everyone that I know who has watched it has been impressed. They do an excellent job of explaining everything so it’s enjoyable for every audience and demographic.

4.    House of Cards

Getting away from the docuseries, let’s turn attention to one of Netflix’s original masterclasses – the political drama House of Cards. I would argue that this was one of the shows that prompted the growth in subscriptions for Netflix in the early days. In modern times, it is often forgotten how brilliant the show really is and, for obvious reasons related to controversy coming out about lead actor Kevin Spacey, the promotion of the show is almost zero. I would recommend the first few seasons of this show to anyone who hasn’t seen it. The knocking sound that is made when you select a Netflix original came from House of Cards – a useless piece of trivia for you there.

5.    Final Space

I couldn’t not mention a cartoon on this list. The perfect kind of show to stream with TheCribs range of device holders. I could take a good guess that you have never seen Final Space, and I’m not suggesting it will completely change your life, but it is amusing. The star of the show is a character who can’t talk named Moonface – it’s no Ulysses. It’s the perfect cartoon style content to have on in the background.