Spend over €50 and get free delivery!

Spend over €50 and get free delivery!



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A rainbow is a multicoloured arc made by light striking water droplets. It happens when sunlight strikes raindrops in front of a viewer at a precise angle (42 degrees). The rainbow Crib is a pyramid shaped, fabric tabletop beanbag stand which works at a precise angle that allows the user view the images on their mobile tech devices handsfree.

TheCribs Design Company strives for simplicity, functionality and creativity in all our products. We are dedicated to building an Irish, sustainable brand that looks to make the world a little nicer.

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Product Details

– TheCrib™ dimensions: (W)21.5cms, (H)18cms &  (D)28cm.
– Hand wash in cool temperatures, do not spin & air dry only.
– Contains recycle polystyrene beanbag filler.
– This is NOT a Toy.