Spend over €50 and get free delivery!

Spend over €50 and get free delivery!

Cartoon Cats


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TheCribs™ Company never ceases to amaze with the ever growing collection of cute, colourful and fun prints on offer. This Cats Print Crib™ is the answer to the popularity of the Puppy Print Crib™ so that we are not seen to favour one creature over another! For all you Kitty owners out there here’s a heart breaker for sure!!

TheCribs™ Company strives for simplicity, functionality and creativity in all it’s products. We are dedicated to building a brand that looks to make the world a little nicer.

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Product Details

– TheCrib™ dimensions: (W)21.5cms, (H)18cms &  (D)28cm.
– Hand wash in cool temperatures, do not spin & air dry only.
– Contains recycle polystyrene beanbag filler.
– This is NOT a Toy.