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Beanbags and Why We Love Them

Beanbags have always been an iconic yet snug furnishing that all of us know and love. They adorn the countless different floors of all sorts of different types of rooms all over the world. Part of what makes them such an exemplary furnishing is the multitude of different uses offered by them. They have been used as furniture, toys, photograph accessories and much more. In this blog, I will be going over their interesting origins and how they have fared over the years. 

Beanbags have a fascinating history, unrivalled by the majority of different furniture. We are delighted to offer a range of device holders. A post by Lukas Krakowitzer.


Strictly speaking, the Beanbag as a chair was only invented in the 1960s. However, Beanbags can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians – over 4000 years ago. The Egyptians used them for games and were even the tools of the first-ever jugglers. In the 1960s, the Beanbag chair was created by a group of Italians at a furniture manufacturing company. The original design was for it to be covered in leather – however, due to everyone drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes – it caused a safety risk as it was possible for holes to be burnt into the surface. Over the years, a variety of different materials are used to create a safer Beanbag. 

Beanbags have recently started being recommended by doctors for their ergonomic features. Furthermore, they have also been recommended as a form of therapy for children on the autism spectrum. These days, Beanbags can come in a huge variety of different formats – just about every shape imaginable. From pool beds to heating pads and therapeutic devices, Beanbags have it all. Some of the most interesting recent designs include TheCribs device holder – a tabletop Bean Bag support for phones, e-readers and tablets. It compiles all the iconic parts of a Beanbag chair into a portable, stylish gadget holder.