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Spend over €65 and get free delivery!

About Us

As a mother of two college students struggling in the pandemic to deal with their online learning from home, Ciara Winkelmann, creator of TheCrib™ wanted to give them a little help and support.

Seeing her son and daughter propping up their phones with books, pen pots and sometimes
dead coffee mugs in order to text and chat to course mates, Ciara knew what was required
and hand made a small tabletop beanbag that cradled the phone at the perfect angle.

The first Crib was actually made a few years prior. Ciara needed something to prop up her
Kindle so she could indulge in a chapter or two of the latest book club read as she tucked into
lunch at her kitchen counter. She called it her ‘Kindle Crib’ but it was the decision to gift 8
handmade Cribs to her Book Club pals that saw the start of TheCribsTM journey.

Very quickly TheCrib™ took shape as a product. The arrival of The pandemic saw home
schooling, online learning from the bedroom and office work from the kitchen table become
the norm and the Crib made it a little easier. Zoom sessions from the living room couch were
less painful and Netflix episodes before sleep were easier on the hands.

Ciara sourced a selection of fabrics and handmade the first range which sold well as gifts for
Christmas 2020. January 2021 saw the introduction of the core Classic Canvas Cotton range
in primary colours. This really brought a strong, modern and identifiable look to her new

TheCribs Company is based in a very beautiful part of Co. Dublin in Ireland and Ciara gets to
swim in the waves of the Irish Sea every morning, all year round!

Never alone, her black retriever called ‘Gray’ accompanies her everywhere.

Ciara has always been working in the creative area. Starting in Advertising as an art director
working abroad and in Ireland then as a creative consultant while she reared her family.
Turning to her love of illustration Ciara has been in the world of children’s picture books for
the past five years. Developing her own breed and brand of cute colourful canines called
Fabadoodles. The ‘Fabadoodle Doggie Drawing Day’ workshop brought this troop touring the
National Libraries and teaching children and adults alike how to draw dogs!

TheCrib™ Company Vision:

To create something, that in turn creates joy.

The Mission:

Produce a product with simplicity, functionality and creativity at its heart and a brand that helps make us all feel a little better.

What we do:

We hand make a tabletop beanbags called TheCrib™, which is possibly the best multi-device support on the market because they are secure, flexible, easy to use and most of all colourful!

How we do it:

With an amazing fabric selection TheCribs are soft, fun and incredibly comfortable to use so it’s hard for our customers not to love them.

Not a day goes by without iPad/tablet, phone or e-reader being used. We all live our lives through our technology so why not live it in comfort & style.